About Us

With little more than the firm belief that nothing is impossible and that every human being on this planet is entitled to a life and death of dignity. Gracious Home was started in the summer of 2000 with 4 helpless old people who had been neglected and shunned from the society.


Our Home is been approved by the Social Welfare Department, Government of Tamilnadu and recognized as a Fit Institution by Child Welfare Committee and Social Defense, Government of Tamilnadu. Gracious Home has now grown to the level of helping more than 5000 people who are in need of care and support. And the residents include homeless elders, orphaned children and deprived women at present.

Our Vision:

A community where the destitute & under privileged are offered comprehensive care and support.

Our Mission:

To serve the hopeless, under privileged and destitute in a community environment which cares, protects, restores and empowers whereby they can live as people of worth in the society.


  • To provide home for the homeless irrespective of caste, color & creed.
  • To provide the elderly, joy & peace in the last days of their lives and the children can find the place of love, protection and care with quality education.
  • To enrich the HIV/Aids affected people with hale and healthy life.
  • And to provide psychological counseling to the residents and police officials of prison.