Our Projects

Malarntha Pookkal

As the name signifies this is the project that houses the senior citizens who are socially destitute, neglected by the family and unattended dying people with the blessing of God almighty. Gracious Home takes in the underprivileged elderly who are abandoned by their families. The Home provides for all their needs as food, clothing, shelter, medical services, counseling, recreations, cultural programs and outings. The aim is to keep them happy till their end, when death occurs the last rites are also taken care by Gracious Home. The inmates are regularly taken care with the assistance of the professions from the Medical department, when they fall sick. For their entertainment purpose newspapers, periodicals, story books, pallankuzhi etc are provided. In this project the elders are referred by Department of Police, Social Organizations, Social Workers, Help Line System. Sometimes some of the inmates are picked up from the streets as they are destitute.

Malarum Pookkal

This project is meant for the orphan and neglected children in the society. There are children from the age group of 5 to 17 years. This project houses children of HIV patients, orphans and semi-orphans. Through this project the children of our home are provided with all the necessities and are given utmost care and attention. In addition, they are provided education from classes’ LKG. to 12th Standard. There are separate care givers for male and female children. Gracious Home provides counseling to the children for their active social functioning and Medical camps are being conducted periodically by prominent medical professionals to make sure that the children are healthy. Gracious Home has a vision not only to provide academic schooling for the children, but are also taught to learn technical courses according to their inbuilt talents. Female children are provided with special awareness on the physical conditions and hygiene. The children live in an atmosphere of Morning Prayer, Play at the evening, timely food, Clothing, special attention on their studies, eminent professionals who organize various seminars, counseling are bestowed on the children, with a sole intention of fully equipping them to face their future in successful way.


This project was started ON 5TH May 2009. This project works with the residents of the prisons all over Tamil nadu who are suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, guilty conscience and stigmatization. As the name suggests (Kadhambam) the inmates who are from various circumstances are intervened by our professionals on every Tuesdays to help them to achieve their best possible psychological and social functioning. Under this project the inmates are counseled by professional psychologists. They visit the prison to assess their mental health and to help them overcome their negative feelings and stigmatization. Gracious Home had donated indoor games to the inmates as per their requisition. After one or two counseling sessions, the inmates felt very relieved. Inmates are also given group counseling on various aspects like anger management, drug abuse, HIV/Aids, stress management, etc.


This project provides a temporary shelter for women with domestic problems. The counseling is given to both the women and her family to help them resolve issues. Sometimes the woman is counseled to cope up with her particular family situation. Most of the women leave and rejoin their families once their problem is solved (the period of stay is usually for 2 to 3 months). The women who don’t rejoin their family are encouraged to take up a job according to their skills, abilities and dormant talents.


This project has commenced on 2nd day of January 2006. Sex Workers, Transgender and People living with HIV/Aids are covered under this project. As the name signifies it exists to lend a shoulder to the shunned and marginalized members of the society. Gracious Home is also supporting the children of the HIV positive people, by providing them education and health care. In the year 2007 on April 13th, the Sumaithangi project was extended at Tirupathur, Vellore District. The Gracious Home is conducting a regular monthly medical camp on every First Friday of the month, at that time around 150 people from Tirupathur, Uthangarai, Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Vellore, Krishnagiri District, Karapatti and Elagiri Hills people infected with HIV and AIDS were given medical treatment from prominent medical professions along with free medicine with health drinks, further family counseling was also undertaken to the family members of the HIV/AIDS affected people. Moreover, to strengthen their economic status, assistance are provided for rearing goat, rabbit, hen etc, and few members are provided with sewing machine for their self improved and sustainability.